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Reading & Writing Assistance to 6th, 7th, 8th graders

Specializing in VPK-5th Grade

Mrs. Masson's Tutoring has the heart to serve children by helping them understand and believe that they're destined for greatness! They need to know that they can do anything they place their mind to do especially regarding their academics.


Your child is growing. They're off on their journey. With patience as my right hand, time is taken to help develop and prepare each child for their academic success.


This is a crucial time for your child. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming with all That is needed to be learn. Having extra help can go a long way. Each child will gain the confidence needed to take on their first year of big kids school.

Grades 1st-5th

This is the time when children really start to discover themselves. The time is taken to help develop their strengths and weaknesses. Their taught to be ready to take on every task with a positive attitude.

Virtual Classroom With a School Experience

Mrs. Masson’s Tutoring is partnered with BrainCert. Using this software helps to provide your child with an online experience like no other! BrainCert has an interactive whiteboard that both tutor and student can write on, solve problems, share their work, chat, and focus solely on improving effectiveness.
☑️ Whiteboard
☑️ Screen Recording
☑️ Screen Sharing
☑️ Video Chat 
☑️ Track Progress

All Subject's Covered

From the very basics to more advance, Mrs. Masson’s Tutoring takes the necessary steps for your child to achieve greatness


Mrs. Masson’s Tutoring ensures the development of reading skills. Secondly, the enjoyment of reading will build as we make it a point to be aware of each child’s interest. Sight Words, letter sounds, blending letters, letter recognition is just a fraction of what we cover.


History is important! So much happened on this earth before our time. However, there are several children that don’t have any interest in this subject. We help to make it exciting and simple.


Math tends to be a weakness for some children. We help them to make it a strength! Children who struggle with Math, literally just need someone to explain it in simpler terms. We understand that they need to understand before being able to apply!


Using different tools, the student will feel they’re in a real classroom. Amazing science animation interaction makes learning Science fun.


Grammar, writing, sentence structure, learning about the main idea, vocabulary, and spelling are just a few things that Mrs. Masson’s Tutoring covers to build their writing developmental skills.


Helping your child understand who they are is VITAL! It’s not only academics that will ensure their success, but it’s the way they think of themselves. It’s how they will think as life challenges them. Mrs. Masson’s Tutoring is a firm believer that EVERY child possesses special gifts. Those gifts just have to be unwrapped. We can help!
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Miriam Masson

Miriam Masson, founder of Mrs. Masson's Tutoring. Mrs. Masson’s Tutoring was birthed from seeing the struggle children had transitioning back to school during the breakout of COVID-19. (What a monster!) However, during this trying time came the greatest blessings.
An endless love for children has always been within me. Seeing children struggle with their academics never sat well with me. It was time to do something about it. I’ve been working with children consistently for about seven years now. I’ve supported in teaching every age group there is. Starting with infants through school-aged. In the process of my journey, I’ve completed my DCF Credentials to officially teach Infant through School-Aged students. (Transcripts Available Upon Request). I’m currently in pursuit to complete my Bachelors in Christian Education. I've also been honored to serve in my Home Church as their Youth Leader, Sunday School Teacher and Children Ministry Teacher. My passion is children. Because of my journey with life, as long as I live, I’m making it a point to reach out to as many children as possible to make sure they know they are destined for greatness!


It's been proven time and time again one on one teaching is an extremely effective resource that carries beneficial results to students. This is what Mrs. Masson's Tutoring provides. Whether your child needs to learn their colours, or they’re about to head to middle school, they will be prepared for their journeys with confidence.
10% of all earned with Mrs. Masson’s Tutoring will go to helping children in less fortunate places around the world. Donations are welcome.

"Train them in the way they should go, they will never depart from it".

Getting help to ensure your child's success should not burden you and your family with financial strain. Therefore, Mrs. Masson's Tutoring offers budget-friendly prices that speak to everyone.

Sessions Up to 45 Mins

This option is ideal for the child that may have a hard time staying focus or staying still for a prolonged period of time.
each session

Sessions 45 Mins & Up

This option allows students a little more time to work on their weaknesses. This is ideal for disciplined children.
each session

Complimentary “Getting-To-Know-You” Session

Please feel free to request your Complimentary “Getting-To-Know-You” Session today!
Please note: This is a great opportunity for an introduction and allows the ability to ask any questions you may have.

Contact Mrs. Masson

Feel free to contact me if you have any question or concerns.
(407) 603-1004
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